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Carlsberg - No Credit Cards

No Credit Cards de Carlsberg

Interprète   Carlsberg
Titre   No Credit Cards
Style / Musique:   Pop Rock
Année de parution:   2018
Format:   CD
Prix:   14.90 €
Label:   New Music - Green Tree

Originally released 1979
Re-issue 2018 New Music-Green Tree

Sealed !

In 1977 Carlsberg were dropped by Warners due to the lack of chart success and Bavinck (to Superjones) & Versluys (to Uzi and then Vitesse) were replaced by Japie (Jaap) Castricum (g, also ex-Bintangs) and Gerard (or Gé) van Dooren (b, to Jan Rot's Ratata). This line-up started touring the Dutch club circuit, building a solid reputation as an energetic live band. In 1979, they released their first album for Dureco and a Dire Straits pastiche called "All The President's Men" on a single, which hit the lower regions of the charts.