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Solar Project - Paranoia

Paranoia by Solar Project

artist:   Solar Project
title:   Paranoia
style:   Prog
release year:   2016
format:   CD
price:   15.90 €
label:   New Music - Green Tree

CD 2016 New Music - Green Tree

Sealed !

SOLAR PROJECT doesnŽt try to impress with technical craftsmanship, fast licks or complex passages, but concentrate with a PINK FLOYD-like overall sound.
This overall picture is filled with excellent keyboard and guitar parts, various singing voices, mysterious sound effects and nice solos. The fact that SOLAR PROJECT are heavily influenced by PINK FLOYD only contributes to the overall idea.

The music has a small amount of neo mixed with some elements of symphonic and melodic. The result is nice vocals, melodic prog style and heavy rhythms. Solar Project is marked by PINK FLOYD's influence. SOLAR PROJECT successfully adds a new facet to neo progressive rock. GREAT PRODUCTION AND GREAT MELODIES!