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Niemen, Czeslaw - Russische Lieder  (Vinyl Reissue)

Russische Lieder (Vinyl Reissue) de Niemen, Czeslaw

Interprète   Niemen, Czeslaw
Titre   Russische Lieder (Vinyl Reissue)
Style / Musique:   Folkprog
Année de parution:   2014
Format:   Vinyl
Prix:   17.90 €
Label:   New Music - Green Tree



"Russische Lieder"  

Original release 1973
Re-issue 2014
New Music-Green Tree


On this album Niemen performs 10 Russian folk songs, all arranged and performed by his own. He plays several instruments and overlays vocal tracks to achieve an effect of transcribing the original material into contemporary setting. Although almost completely detached from his usual Prog and Jazz-Rock output, this is a fascinating album, especially in view of the fact that the song's musical treatment is highly original and unusual.