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Niemen, Czeslaw - Strange Is This World  (Vinyl Reissue)

Strange Is This World (Vinyl Reissue) by Niemen, Czeslaw

artist:   Niemen, Czeslaw
title:   Strange Is This World (Vinyl Reissue)
style:   Progressive Rock
release year:   2014
format:   Vinyl
price:   17.90 €
label:   Green Tree



"Strange Is This World"

Original release 1972
Re-issue 2014
New Music-Green Tree 

Strange Is This World is the first English-language album by Polish rock artist Niemen. 

With a backing band including the members of SBB, Strange Is This World is a wild trip through spacey, psychedelic territory. Niemen's vocal performance is similar to psychedelic greats like Arthur Brown. The end result is a fascinatingly original collaboration between some of the great names of 70s-era Polish prog which will be of interest to all fans of the trippier end of prog.