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Niemen, Czeslaw - Russische Lieder + 2 Bonus

Russische Lieder + 2 Bonus by Niemen, Czeslaw

artist:   Niemen, Czeslaw
title:   Russische Lieder + 2 Bonus
style:   Prog-Rock
release year:   2004
format:   CD
price:   9.90 €
label:   New Music - Green Tree


(Studio Album, 1974)
Track listing

1. Stiep da stiep krugom
2. Ty pajdi maja karawuszka damoj
3. Odnazwuczno gremit kalakolczik
4. Wychazu adin ja na darogu
5. Joloczki sasionoczki
6. Cziornyje browi, karyje oczi
7. Kalabielnaja
8. Razkinulos morie szyroko
9. Po dikim stepiam Zabajkalia
10. Slawnoje morie, swiaszczennyj Bajkal

+ Bonus Tracks: (taken from the original single 1974)
11. Strange is this world
12. We've got the sun


- Czeslaw Niemen / vocals, guitar, bass, piano


Czeslaw Niemen (the real name is Czeslaw Juliusz Wydrzycki) was born in Stare Wasiliszki (Old Vasilishki), a village in Byelorussia, Soviet Union, in 1939. In 1958 he has repatriated to Poland. His scenical name is a pseudonym taken after the name of the river Niemen. Debuted as a rock and soul singer in the early 1960's. He recorded "Dziwny jest ten ?wiat" (Strange Is This World) as a major Polish protest song in 1967, and was an early pioneer of psychedelic music in communist Poland in the late 60's. He recorded three albums with the band Akwarele, as well as later works with Enigmatic, Grupa Niemen, and Aerolit. His first self-acclaimed progressive work was entitled "Enigmatic", and was released in 1969. The most notable song from it was "Bema pami?ci ?a?obny - rapsod" (A Mournful Rhapsody, in memory of Jozef Bem, a Polish solider who served as a Polish Army general in the Polish War of Independence (November Uprising).

Like "Rhapsody", many of the other songs from "Enigmatic" were based Polish folk poetry. During his progressive period Niemen played keyboards extensively, including a Hammond, and later a mellotron and finally a Moog synthesizer.

In the early 70's Niemen recorded three albums for CBS International (Schaelplatten), including a 1974 release entitled Mourner's Rhapsody with Jan Hammer and Rick Laird of Mahavishnu Orchestra, electric violin and saxophonist Michal Urbaniak of Fusion, bassist the late Seldon Powell of the Buddy Rich Band, and session pianist the late Don Grolnick. The album featured a fifteen minute version of "A Mournful Rhapsody". In the latter 70's Niemen's musical work tended more toward jazz/fusion, and even electronica. He released seven additional albums and a retrospective collection before he passed of cancer in 2004.

Thanks to Bob (ClemofNazareth) for Biography.