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Baumstam - 72 - 12 = 40  / 40th Anniversary

72 - 12 = 40 / 40th Anniversary by Baumstam

artist:   Baumstam
title:   72 - 12 = 40 / 40th Anniversary
style:   Rock
release year:   2012
format:   CD
price:   14.90 €
label:   New Music - Green Tree

The new studio album from the German Krautrock Legend "Baumstam"

"72 - 12 = 40" 

Anniversary edition 40 years of Baumstam

- exclusive liner notes of each bandmember
- unreleased pictures
- 16 page booklet

2012 New Music-Green Tree Records

Adi Klawitter ( guitars, percussions, cajon on No 10, backing-
vocals on No.3 )
Gerdi Stracke ( drums percussions, backing vocals on No.3 )
Jens Gubert ( bass, percussions on No.10)
Rex Dehnhardt (keyboards )
Uli Klawitter ( guitars, vocals, harp )

1. Sunny Day
2. We can Change The World
3. When A Dream Comes True
4. For Ever
5. Herzberg
6. The Way To Nowhere
7. Run Away Girl
8. Winners Eyes
9. One Day In My Life
10. Woodstock Hero
11. Time To Say Goodbye

Baumstam was founded by Gerd Stracke, Ulrich Klawitter, Michael Lobbe and Michael Willecke in 1972. In the first year, the Band played all over Germany and big hall and open-air-concert. The sound of two "Heavy-Fuzz"-Guitar resounded as a barometer of the kraut rock in the German rock history. In 1975, the LP "On Tour" was produced. This LP has a cult status today among the collectors and was sold with till 400 Euro. Some of their songs are still aired today in USA and elsewhere. In 1977, the Band could not reach agreement about the record contract of Deutschen Grammophon which broke the band up.

Between 1977 and 2004 all the member were, to be sure, not each other, but kept a matter of interest in music. Gerd Stracke and Ulrich Klawitter had continually played their own music each other in different Wittener Bands.

At the beginning of 2004 the Baumstam reunited in making the Reissue of Platte "on tour". The young Gitarrist and Keyboarder Adrian Klawitter took the place of Michael Lobbe. In January 2005 the LP/CD "Dreams of Yesterday" was released with new songs in the typical Baumstam-Stile. Anna Weigand (vocals, flute, percussion) participated in those musicproduction as a singer und was in the Band from 2004 till August 2006. In the last 2 years, a new influence of the Bandmusic came through Adi without losing the relation with their own music history. Concerts as Ümminger Summertime, Riff in Bochum, Werkstadt Witten etc. gave the rockmusic friends on the ground of the 70er years the opportunity to appreciate the live of Baumstam again.